Privacy Policy - GaMiCRO

Gamikro is independent Game Creation company. we make games for entertain everybody from every age. We at Gamikro respect the privacy of everyone who plays our games, our software only uses internet connection from your device to show advertising.

We are not collecting or processing your personal data but if you play our games you accept to see 3rd party advertising especially from admob services. Their advertising system and related ads resposibility has owners of advertising company of Google. You must be at least 13 years old to access and use our games or you must inform your parents about played games and services. (little detail I have two boys as a father, I always carry what they play Ball games)


Gamikro is independent company located in istanbul city of Turkiye. You can find contact information in our web page. E-mail us if you have any concerns or difficulty about our games

Legal issues

We never ever never use copyrighted materials of another comany or product of another designer/graphicer. Meanwhile it`s possible to create game mechanics already realized by another company or similar programming techniques. But, we always create our own game programmings and we never use illegal material/code for our games. If you have any concern about our games, please email us... we appreciate to answer you if any difficulty occurs about our games.

Policy in Turkish language.